Vitality Health – A Benefit To Benefit From

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It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to take an active role in the health and wellbeing of their employees. Innumerable extensive studies have proven that a healthy, happy employee is a productive one. Businesses are being urged to extend their wellbeing policies beyond DSE assessments, Manual Handling training, and Risk Assessments and invest time and money into promoting and maintaining a healthy workforce, both physically and mentally. Employee sickness absence is currently costing businesses in the UK £16 Billion! The majority of absences for poor health are related to preventable conditions such as obesity, smoking, stress, and muscular pain. Encouraging your employees to actively improve their health and quality of life can save your business an average of 5.7 lost working days per employee per year and can even improve productivity and profitability amongst your workforce.


Health Insurance is an employee benefit that can sometimes feel like money for nothing. Employers can struggle to see the benefit it has for them and employees only benefit should their health deteriorate. Most Health Insurance and Private Medical plans can offer very similar services so it can be difficult to choose who to go with.


Offering Health Insurance to employees should be of benefit to both employee and employer alike and Vitality Health know that a benefit should be just that! An individual’s health should be top priority for a Health Insurance provider; the healthier a member is, the less likely they are to claim and they should be rewarded for this. The Vitality Health Business Healthcare plan encourages and rewards your employees for actively improving their health. They’re not just a back-up plan should you need medical care, they’re there from the start to help to reduce the chance that you need to make a claim.


Memberships begin with access to FREE health checks; these aren’t just a form filled in listing all the issues you’ve seen a doctor about over the last 5 years, this is a comprehensive assessment of your health so that Vitality can offer you the best plan to help you take steps in improving your health and reducing the risk of preventative diseases.


Once assessed, you’ll have access to a range of immediately available resources to improve your health and quality of life, including:

  • 50% discount on Virgin Active gym memberships
  • 50% discount on sports shoes
  • 50% cash back on bikes
  • 50% discount on fitness trackers
  • Bonus Nectar points for buying healthy foods at Sainsbury’s
  • FREE Stop Smoking programme
  • 75% off Champneys Spa Resorts


Vitality Health benefits don’t stop there. You will be rewarded for being healthy with Active Rewards and the healthier you are, the bigger the reward! Regular treats include:

  • FREE cinema tickets every week
  • FREE drink at Starbucks every week
  • Monthly iTunes rewards
  • Up to 50% cash back at Lloyds Pharmacy


Every time you unlock a reward your status goes up and so do the rewards. Status Rewards include:

  • Up to 40% off British Airways European return flights and Eurostar rail tickets
  • 25% cash back on hotel stays


Non-smoker or smoke-free for 12 months? Have some cash back!


All this and we haven’t even discussed what’s included in the actual plan should you need to claim. The Vitality Health Core Cover includes Full Cover with no set time or money limits and they’ll pay all consultant and anaesthetist fees, Vitality GP which enables employees to have video consultations with a GP, In-Patient and Day-Patient Cover, Extended Cancer Cover, Lifestyle Surgery, and added benefits such as Childbirth Cash Benefits, Oral Surgery, NHS Hospital Cash Benefits and so much more.


That’s just the Core Cover! Employees can choose to add cover for services such as Out-Patient Care, Dental Cover, and Overseas and Travel Cover.


As an employer YOU get to choose how much your employees pay, where they can receive treatment, what extras they can receive on top of Core Cover, and how they can be underwritten. No other Health Insurance provider offers a plan as extensive and rewarding as Vitality Health.


If you would like to find out more about how you can reward your employees and improve productivity and profitability within your business, contact your advisor and we’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with our dedicated Vitality Health representative.