The Mighty Deerstalker for Charity

31/01/2016 Filed under Accounts, Finance, HR, IT, Training, Uncategorised

On 12th March this year, 12 of our bravest (or daftest) team members will be making the trip up to Innerleithen, Scotland with their tents, sleeping bags…and running shoes.


This year, have decided to take their team building activities to the next level and have entered the Mighty Deerstalker. A 15km obstacle course, up mountains and through rivers, and just in case that didn’t seem like enough of a challenge, it will all be done at night with just their head torches lighting the way. The race ends with a bacon barm and a beer tent, and a few group hugs, I’m sure, before spending the night on the race camp site.


The team have thrown themselves into preparation with varied approaches. There have been long, rainy training runs for some, whilst others are paying attention to their nutrition with some carb-loading (if Christmas chocolate counts!), and strategy talks are well under way with pace-setters and party tents being allocated. Amongst the training group, motivation and support of each other is abundant and, though apprehension is high and worries around shower facilities are starting to creep in, the team are optimistic about the race. During the night, physical and mental limits will be pushed but with that will come great teamwork and strong relationships as they support, motivate, and literally carry each other through the event.


As well as enabling us to all get to know each other that little bit more, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to raise some money for our chosen charities, Wipe Your Tears and St Mary’s Hospice. We would really love if you could show our race-goers some very well deserved support by helping us to raise as much as we can for these two great charities through our fundraising page