Secured Mail secure data with Microsoft Hyper-V Replica

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Should the worst happen, whether it’s server failure, fire, flood, or theft, it’s paramount that businesses can recover almost immediately with minimal downtime and data loss.


By using Microsoft’s Hyper-V Replica, should the worst happen to a primary server, an identical replica of the server can be up and running within in minutes, allowing users to resume working with negligible impact on productivity and profitability. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s free virtualisation technology that is included with Windows servers.


For the Delivery Group which includes Secured Mail, CMS and P2P, being one of the largest eCommerce, postal and retail logistics businesses in the UK, it was imperative that their finance system should always be available regardless of any problems that may potentially arise at their headquarters in Warrington.


By employing Hyper-V, a replica of their finance system hosted at their Luton premises can replace the primary finance system at a moment’s notice with a maximum of 30 seconds’ data loss, allowing users working from any location to resume working almost immediately.


James Wilkins, Secured Mail’s Operations & IT Director, had this to say:

“The consultative approach we have seen from our chosen outsource partner,, has been of the highest standard. The exploratory work and project management to enhance our resilience has been excellent. work in a way that the rest of the Board understand in a simple, plain approach and can engage at all levels, from the most technically minded individuals down to the person with a lack of specialised IT knowledge, explaining and allowing the full business to understand the key principles, risks, and the mitigating factors, to provide best in class functionality, security, and replication.”


Whether it’s on-premises backups, cloud backups, or high-availability server failover solutions such as Hyper-V Replica, can ensure that your business is protected whatever may happen, with disaster recovery and continuity solutions tailored to suit any type of business; large or small.