Hybrid Devices for Hybrid Businesses

18/02/2016 Filed under IT, Uncategorised

The sales for hybrid tablets are growing fast. These devices with detachable keyboards are growing in popularity and with most major hardware manufacturers offering some type of hybrid tablet. The options and their uses are also growing in number. These devices provide the practicality and functionality of a laptop as well as the portability and aesthetics of a tablet. Apple and Samsung have adapted their tablets and produced the iPad Pro and Tab Pro S, respectively, while Microsoft, the PC giant, and Lenovo, who offer a large range of laptops, have been producing hybrid products such as the Surface and Yoga for years.


Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses, especially amongst travelling and client-facing workers. Whilst some businesses view these devices as “the coolest new toy” that are deployed only to executives. Others, especially healthcare providers, are seeing how useful they can be for presenting medical images to patients and inputting medical record information. Sales reps are also using these devices as they’re easy to carry around and are great for using at a moments notice while looking the part to a customer.


With home working becoming more common, a device that offers the power and portability to accommodate this and organisations looking for ways to recruit and retain millennials, improvements and sales of hybrid laptops are expected to continue.


Microsoft have already seen the need this device flexibility amongst business and have recently released the Surface Book which provides all the features and portability of their Surface Pro but offers more substantial functionality to support business needs.


Out IT team are on hand to help you see how hybrid tablets could benefit your organisation and how to make them work for you and your business.