A Change In Speeding Fines

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On 24th April 2017, there was a big change in the way speeding fines were implemented and the conditions they are given in. Here at summ.it we spend a lot of time with our clients which means a large portion of our schedule is driving to and from client premises meaning the new fines coming into effect could potentially affect us, as well as many of you.


Of course, the best way to avoid the new speeding fines is to simply not speed, however we are here to give you the heads up and let you know the details just in case. The new fines take into account your weekly income, meaning in theory the more you earn, the harder you will be hit. Below we have summed up in a table the points and fine you could receive for the various bands.


Band A, being the lowest level of speeding, can land you with 3 points and a fine of around 50% of your weekly income.


Band B, refers to more serious levels of spending and can see you receiving 4-6 points on your licence or disqualification for 7-28 days, and a fine equalling to 100% of your weekly income.


Band C, which is the most serious spending offence will be dealt with 6 points on your licence or disqualification for 7-56 days and also a fine equalling to 150% of your weekly income.



Speed Limit MPH   Recorded MPH Recorded MPH


20 41 and above 31 – 40 21 – 30
30 51 and above  41 – 50 31 – 40
40 66 and above 56 – 65 41 – 55
50 76 and above 66 – 75 51 – 65
60 91 and above 81 – 90 61 – 80
70 101 and above 91 – 100 71 – 90
Sentence Range Band C Fine Band B Fine Band A Fine


Points/disqualification Disqualify 7 – 56 days or 6 points Disqualify 7-28 days or 4-6 points 3 points


  Starting Point Range


Fine Band A 50% of Relevant Weekly Income 25 – 75% of Relevant Weekly Income
Fine Band B 100% RWI 75 – 125% RWI
Fine Band C 150% RWI 125 – 175% RWI


Other factors will also be taken into account when you are caught spending, which may result in the increase or decrease of the fine. Examples of factors which may affect this are whether the offence was committed whilst on bail, previous convictions, poor road or weather conditions, location of offence, good character and no previous convictions. Another alternative to a FPN is a speed awareness course, which can be offered at the force’s discretion.