10 Step Graduation

03/05/2016 Filed under HR, Training, Uncategorised

Our latest 10 Steppers graduated last week after a fantastic 10 weeks of getting to grips with being a manager. The guys have spent the last 3 months studying the various facets to being a successful line manager and have been given a wealth of knowledge on:

  • Effective team working, and how to lead and manage a team
  • Motivation and communication
  • Dealing with difficult people and resolving conflict
  • Time management and delegation
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Equal Opportunities, recruitment and selection, and Dignity At Work
  • Inductions, probationary periods, managing attendance and capability
  • Disciplinary and grievance


They put the training sessions in to real-time practice with homework pieces and finished the course with presentations to their managers on a topic they feel could have a real positive impact on their organisations.


We also introduced them to Belbin Team Roles and profiling; all 10 Step delegates receive a Belbin profile and we show how this versatile tool can be used within organisations across a number of areas. Not only does is enable us to ensure we have high performing teams within the business and aide recruitment and selection processes, it can also offer managers an insight into how to approach situations with members of their teams to ensure the best outcome. Knowing how your team members behave and approach their work and relationships with colleagues can greatly improve how you manage them, especially during those difficult conversations.


The course is designed for managers of all levels. Ideal whether you’ve been managing people for years or are brand new to team leading, you’ll have access to knowledge, experience and a range of topics you won’t find anywhere else.


Our next 10 Step Programme is due to start on 16th August 2016, places start at £800 (+VAT) and they’re already being booked up fast!


To secure your place today, contact our lead trainer Tracy, at Tracy.Edmondson@summ.it