We Are Belbin Accredited!

18/12/2015 Filed under Training

Jayne, Tracy and Helen of the HR team recently become Belbin Accredited. The girls spent 2 days studying the ins and outs of the service, the theory and history behind the “9 Styles”, and lots of ways in which it can be put to use for our clients and their teams.


Belbin Team Roles is a fantastic tool that the HR team offer to help clients understand their employees working styles. From individuals to large groups, we are able to analyse how to get the most out of your employees and build effective working teams. Belbin is great for helping management teams to understand each other’s preferred working styles or to help their teams work together, or for putting together bespoke project teams containing the right people. The individual and job analysis reports are a perfect addition to recruitment and selection processes, offering an additional insight into a candidate’s suitability for a position, for succession planning using current members of staff, and to really add value to your appraisal processes. Individual Belbin reports can be compared to see how two individuals can complement each other and to identify any possible areas of frustration, whereas the team reports put all your team members individual working styles together and help address any gaps that might be holding you back, from this we can work with you to put this information to full use.


In the New Year we’ll be announcing the full details of our packages though clients are already taking advantage of the great things we can offer with Belbin. Our packages will include all Belbin reports including individual, team, job, and working relationships; analysis, presentation and activities to cement your understanding of the theory and what it means for you and your team; and follow up one to ones with an Accredited Belbin Practitioner.


If you would like more information on how Belbin could really help your organisation, contact our HR team through our Contact page.