Take On Junkyard Golf as Quarterly Teambuilding Challenge

11/10/2016 Filed under Teambuilding, Training

30th September saw the end of another quarter at and, true to form, we downed tools for the afternoon to spend some time together for some style teambuilding.


No team afternoon is complete without a healthy dose of competition and this time it was boys v girls! Junkyard Golf in Manchester was the venue and the teams were armed with clubs, score-cards, and drinks.


With 2 different courses to choose from, the girls went one way and the boys went the other with one thing in mind…winning. The aim was to be the team with the lowest average score. However, priorities seemed to change once the game began. The boys got a little carried away competing against each other…Mark Slater’s hole-in-one on the first hole set their round off to a super competitive start. The girls, on the other hand, went from encouraging of each other, to dodging “trick shots”, and finally spent more time at the mid-way bar ordering prosecco and getting the barman to take group pictures.


The girls won the fastest round race (which wasn’t actually a race until they won it) but the lads managed the lowest average score, overall. Neil’s knack for holes-in-one and Deanne’s hidden talent for crazy golf saw them take the top spots within the teams.


We love spending time together as a team, away from the normal working day, and a good team game really helps in bringing us together and learning more about each other. This has a huge carry over into our everyday interactions in the work place and makes us a better performing team who know how to communicate with one another more effectively.


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