Keeping technology employees engaged

Engagement & Technology Employees Technology employees can sometimes feel a lot of pressure, especially when the expectation is on them to find solutions to things quickly when they break or fail. When employees are not properly supported and engaged this can lead to over stressed workers and lack of motivation to stay in the position. […]

outsourcing IT with

Why should you Outsource your IT with

  Have you ever considered outsourcing your IT? It can save you time, money and definitely a few headaches! At we can guarantee that when you outsource with us you will receive a dedicated and experienced team who will take the time to understand your business.   We are flexible   We are extremely […]


Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

  With the release of Windows 10 scheduled for July 29, many companies and domestic users will be wondering whether they should upgrade or not, and with Microsoft offering a free upgrade for existing Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users, many may be tempted.   So should you or your company upgrade to […]


iPhones vulnerable to fake text message exploitation – Apple ignoring the threat

Due to a design problem with the iOS software that runs Apple’s iPhones, it is possible for an attacker to send fake text messages that appear to be from another phone number. The technique know as “spoofing” or “smishing” (SMS phishing) means that an attacker can send text messages that appear to be from your […]


Neil Smith – 10 Year Anniversary!

March saw IT manager Neil Smith complete 10 years of service with partner Andrew Jackson says “Neil has been with since its infancy and seen many changes and growth within the business over this period. It is commendable to both Neil and the business that he has achieved this milestone. Retention […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is really pushing the “laptop replacement” concept with the new Surface Pro 3. The device should appeal to business users preferring to remain in a Windows environment while on their tablet, rather than using Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Of course, as we shall see, the Surface Pro 3 is much more than just […]