Team tackled the Rough Runner

21/11/2017 Filed under staff, Teambuilding



Saturday 21st October marked the day the team faced storm Brian and tackled the Rough Runner. With reports of a storm the week coming up to the event, it was safe to say a few of the team were a little hesitant at doing a 5k/15k obstacle course in the gale force winds and rain. But we powered through and we did it! And all for a great cause.


We did the event to raise money for our chosen charity Wipe Your Tears who make a massive difference to terminally and seriously ill children’s lives. Through support from our amazing friends, family and clients we have managed to raise a massive amount of £3,055 which is an absolutely overwhelming amount. The team try and raise money for the charity as often as possible, Partner, Andrew Jackson explained “Roping staff into an annual endurance event is something we look to do here at, and it is pleasing that we get such a good response from the team into pushing themselves out of their comfort zones in aid of a good cause. Wipe Your Tears is a fantastic charity and we are proud to be able to help them make a difference with their work. The response to the fundraising from our valued clients and friends and family of staff has been amazing and both and the charity are truly grateful for all who contributed”


On the day the 15k team set off around 11.40am to tackle 20 obstacles, with the 5k team starting at 2.20pm to tackle 10. Starting with a safety briefing and a quick warm up it was time to set off through the muddy fields to begin the challenge. Hours later after zip wiring, climbing, dodging, crawling, running and some of the team being submerged in icy cold, muddy dirty pools of water-it was time to tackle to Travelator. Having 4 speeds to choose from each team member attempted to run up the obstacle without being forced back down. After eventually making it to the top it was the final slide-into yet again more ice cold water of course!


The Rough Runner was hard, especially in storm Brian but after we had all recovered and defrosted, we agreed it was enjoyable and a great team building exercise! Thank you to all the amazing people who helped us raise so much money, both the team and Wipe Your Tears greatly appreciate it. If you have seen the images from the event and think it’s worth a donation, it’s not too late! You can donate here.