We offer IT services that range from auxiliary support for existing IT staff and projects, to a full IT department service that includes consultancy, project design & implementation and ongoing IT support & management. Our clients appreciate the importance of their IT systems and the competitive advantage that can be gained from running cost-effective, stable and secure systems.



Whether you’re in the office, on the road or working from home, over 95% of IT problems can be resolved remotely. By employing our versatile remote control solutions we can provide an immediate and efficient response to problems to ensure that you’re up and running as quickly as possible.


Although the majority of IT problems can be resolved remotely, should there be an issue that requires an onsite presence our engineers can be at your premises in matter of minutes, providing peace of mind and swift resolution of the issue.


Despite the prevalence of cloud IT solutions, many companies still rely on an in-house IT infrastructure that resides solely on company premises or a hybrid combination of on-premises and cloud-based IT systems. We can ensure that the on-premises IT that controls your network, internet access, servers, PCs, mobile devices, file, email, print and services is robust and dependable whether standing alone or in conjunction with cloud-based IT solutions.


With hackers increasingly turning their attentions to smaller, less well defended targets rather than large corporate or public-sector targets, IT security has never been more important for SMEs. Through the use of hardware firewalls, software firewalls, antivirus, antispam and virtual private network (VPN) connections you systems can be protected from external threats while still allowing you to remotely and securely access your systems wherever you may be. As over 80% of security incidents originate from internal threats, the ability to restrict employees ability to access sensitive data and systems cannot be underestimated. With literally hundreds of ways to control how your employees access your data and systems you can be sure that they only use the resources that are required for their roles.


Should the worst happen to your IT systems, a rock solid business continuity plan is paramount for businesses of all sizes. From the ability to recover individual files to entire servers, re-route through backup internet connections and systems, to relocating your entire organisation, we’re here to provide the layers of redundancy and disaster recovery that are required to protect your business and give you peace of mind.



Microsoft’s Exchange Online provides the same secure email, contacts, calendar and public folder functionality that is found with on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange servers. Accessible via Outlook, mobile devices and all  popular internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Exchange Online provides all the services you expect but without the need to purchase, maintain and upgrade Microsoft Exchange servers located at  your own premises



Office365 provides all the benefits of Exchange Online email services but also includes SharePoint Online for secure data storage and collaboration for use with colleagues, customers and clients alike. Combined with the latest Skype for Business to provide instant messaging, conference and video calls Office 365 delivers the communication,  collaboration and data storage services previously only found with on-premises IT.


In addition to on-premises backups, cloud-based backup solutions can be employed to provide the additional peace  of mind and the ability to restore data anywhere, at any time to any internet-connected PC or server. Cloud-based backup don’t just provide the ability to backup and restore on-premises data, cloud-based systems such as Office 365’s  Exchange Online and SharePoint Online can also be backed up to the cloud adding an extra layer of disaster recovery should the worst happen.





Whether is it is evaluating how a company uses their existing IT assets or making  IT decisions that directly impact the future  of a company, we can help. By focussing on our clients’ strategic requirements we can advise the best way to maximise  current and future IT solutions to support and deliver our clients’ long-term goal.


Regardless of a company’s area of expertise, every company relies on it’s core IT infrastructure whether it’s on-premises,  cloud-based or a hybrid of the two. Whether it’s upgrading or replacing on-premises internal systems or migrating to external  cloud-based systems or a combination of the two, we can ensure that infrastructure projects are implemented on-time,  on-budget with the minimum of disruption and downtime.


In addition to a company’s core IT infrastructure, virtually every business relies on one or more ‘Line of Business’ (LoB) systems  that are specific to a company’s area of expertise. We can liaise with you and your LoB providers to ensure that the solutions  they offer are right for you and are implemented smoothly and efficiently in conjunction with your existing IT infrastructure.


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