September Social

29/09/2017 Filed under Manchester, staff, Teambuilding

You will very rarely see the whole team sat together in one room, this is because most of us work on client’s premises and also at home. This is why we think it is extremely important we set aside time to meet as a team once in a while, have a big team meeting and then do something social afterwards. Any excuse!

September called for another team afternoon which started with a team meeting in the Manchester Office, followed by a rather competitive game of bowling and finished off with drinks & food- perfect! Unlike any other team afternoon, we also had Kush, our IT engineer over from Mauritius so it was also important we showed him the Manchester culture.

After getting warmed up with a few drinks we split into 3 teams to start the bowling. After a very competitive hour or so, we headed over to Albert Schloss for pre- meal drinks where of course Emma & Liv made the most of the free photo booth complete with horse mask accessories. For the next and final venue, we headed to China Town to eat at a lovely restaurant called Try Thai where we continued the conversation until it was time to head home.

We love getting together as a team to enjoy each other’s company and catch up on a social level. This helps us communicate more effectively with each other in our day to day positions meaning we work better as a team.

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