Celebrating 10 Years Service

01/10/2017 Filed under Manchester, staff, Support, Teambuilding

What makes people stay with a company? At summ.it we believe employers offering support and engagement to their employees is the key to keeping someone motivated and happy within their position. To prove this works we can happily say we have many team members who have reached their 10-year mark with summ.it.

At summ.it we organise regular one to one meetings where both staff and partners can address concerns, speak about their work and also catch up generally on what’s going on in each other’s schedule. Alongside this, we also get together as a team every month or so to do team building exercises. From treasure hunts to fundraisers, we make the afternoon social and fun and enjoy improving on our team working skills.

We asked a few of our ’10 year’ team members to let us know what has made they stay with summ.it for so long…

Laura B

“It is the constantly evolving role and the challenges that creates which keeps things interesting. It is also the close relationships I have developed over the years with both the summit team and with clients”


“No two days are ever alike, it’s a pleasure working with committed and vibrant professionals in constantly changing, challenging and stimulating environments”


“The way that summ.it engages and rewards its staff has made it easy to commit to the company over the long term. The work is sometimes demanding but everyone is made to feel part of the team”


“I have remained at summ.it because of the Partners, the team we have, the clients I have been working with and of course, time flexibility”

It is great knowing our team are happy in their positions and have been with us for so long. We can also help your business achieve this by conducting Belbin Reports, Attitude Survey’s or helping you with employee engagement! For more information please contact Tracy on tracy.edmondson@summ.it