Why should you Outsource your IT with summ.it?

15/12/2017 Filed under IT, Manchester, SME


Have you ever considered outsourcing your IT? It can save you time, money and definitely a few headaches! At summ.it we can guarantee that when you outsource with us you will receive a dedicated and experienced team who will take the time to understand your business.


We are flexible


We are extremely flexible in what we offer, tailoring the service to you and your business. From working with SME’s who need IT support and consultancy on an ad hoc basis to working with larger companies who use us as a fully outsourced IT department – we can do it all.


We are experienced


Covering all of your core IT needs through to assessment, consultancy and project management – the technical team at summ.it are equipped for every job no matter how big or small. Working with us you will be assured to never be put through to a call centre where the person handling the case doesn’t understand you or your business. Each member of our team takes the time to understand all of our clients and their requirements.


To quote one of our clients


“The consultative approach we have seen from our chosen outsource partner Summit has been of the highest standard, the exploratory work and project management to enhance our resilience has been excellent. summ.it work in a way that the rest of the board understand in a simple plain approach and can engage at all levels from the most technically minded individuals down the person with lack of specialised IT knowledge, explaining and allowing the full business to understand the key principles, risks and then mitigating factors to provide best in class functionality, security and replication.”


James Wilkins, IT & Operations Director, The Delivery Group


We are dedicated


Still not convinced? summ.it respond in minutes, where our competition responds in days.


Below is a table of our typical response and resolution times to show how we work:



Severity Response Time Resolution Time Definition
  (maximum) (estimated)  
Critical 30 minutes 8 hours or less System or company-wide problem
Major 1 hour 4 hours or less Problem that prevents 1 user from being able to work at all or multiple users from being able to accomplish a critical task
Minor 2 hours 1 hour or less Problem that affects 1 user or more from accomplishing a non-critical task
Cosmetic 4 hours 30 minutes or less Cosmetic changes that do not prevent any users from accomplishing any task



We will always address your problem ASAP and let you know the progress. If it’s a little more complex and takes a while to fix, you will always receive a personal update via email so you have 100% clarity of what we are working on.


We understand communication is key


To make sure outsourcing your IT works, we believe communication is key. Our team are always happy to jump on a skype call or organise a site visit if you ever feel you need us.


We can save you money             


Hiring a full time IT person can be time consuming and expensive when you don’t necessarily need them 24/7. When you outsource your IT you are only paying for the work you need doing, when you need it. We can offer you Pay As You Go or flat rate contracts tailored to your business.


We save you time


Letting us deal with your IT issues allows you to put more time back into other important areas of your business. Reassured your IT is in safe and talented hands, you will spend less time worrying about your IT and more time building and progressing your company.


Interested in finding out more about IT services? Head over to www.summ.it or email our Head of IT, Neil Smith (neil.smith@summ.it) for information on packages and prices.