Vento Bands Increased

27/10/2017 Filed under HR, SME


From 11th September 2017 it was announced that the Vento bands of compensation for injury to feelings will be increased. The new bands will only apply to those cases made on or after the 11th September 2017, and any cases may before will adhere back to the previous bands.

Band Gravity of injury to


Previous Figures New Figures
Top Most serious cases (e.g. where there has been a lengthy campaign of discriminatory harassment) £18,000-£30,000 £25,200-£42,000
Middle For serious cases which do not merit an award for the highest band £6,000 – £18,000 £8,400- £25,200
Lower Less serious cases (e.g. where the act of discrimination is an isolated or one-off occurrence) £600-£6,000 £800-£8,400

What is an injury to feelings award?


This award is given to compensate for injury to feelings caused by discrimination. The band of the award will depend on the seriousness of the claim, who the respondent is (how senior their position is) and also what the effect on the claimant has been. If a person has become ill due to the discrimination, they could also make a personal injury claim which is separate to the injury to feelings award.

This award is an additional payment which is required to be paid alongside the standard compensation a Tribunal requires. However, this is only applicable in certain cases such as discrimination or whistleblowing.

What can you do?


Having an appointed HR professional to help with your business is an important and effective way to ensure these sorts of claims do not take place. A HR advisor can work with you to ensure employees problems or concerns are handled professionally and correctly reducing the risk of any such claims being made.

Sharon Aspinall, our Senior HR advisor states “Employers should be proactive in ensuring that all employees understand what discrimination is and how it can affect employees and what the company’s stance is on discrimination. This can easily be done by running annual “Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work” briefings, these briefing also provide the company with a “statutory defence” should you be unfortunate position of having a claim made against you for “injury to feelings.”

For more information or advice please get in touch with our amazing HR team here