Manchester GDPR seminar overview

27/02/2018 Filed under HR, Manchester, SME, Support

The Topic: GDPR


After tackling the topic of GDPR ourselves and coming to an understanding of what needs to do to prepare, we found ourselves asking lots of questions which we believe our clients will also be asking. Although we are not claiming to be GDPR experts, we believed our in-depth research and knowledge we had on the topic would be useful to share with our clients and like-minded businesses in the Manchester area.

Knowing there are many seminar’s out there that are promising to teach the facts and figures of GDPR, we decided on a slightly different approach- to do ours from a ‘Your People POV’. We decided to focus on this one, albeit large, area of HR and focusing on the effects it will have on employers and employees within a business (which turns out, is quite a lot!)


The Seminar


Jayne (HR Partner), Sharon (Senior HR Advisor) and Emma (Marketing Executive), spent many hours researching and pulling together content to create a useful yet informative seminar which would hopefully make a few things a little clearer on the people side of things. Making the seminar as interactive as possible was the aim, encouraging attendees to ask questions and discuss different opinions was important to help everyone understand some of the more complex GDPR scenarios.


GDPR seminar Manchester


Thursday 22nd February marked the date of our first seminar, and we are extremely pleased to say it went really well. We hope everyone who attended found all, or even some of the information relevant and interesting and took some vital information away with them to help them start preparing for GDPR. At the end of the seminar we issued attendees with draft privacy policy’s and gave them an idea of what to include in consent forms, contracts of employment and also the all-important data register.


Next Steps


If you are a small business struggling to get to grips with GDPR, please feel free to get in touch to see how can help you prepare, whether that be through HR, IT or even Finance. Again, we are not claiming to be experts, but we have made sure that a person in each division is clued up on what needs to be done in order to be compliant by May 2018.