Introducing GDPR

27/10/2017 Filed under Accounts, Finance, HR, IT, SME


With the new changes nearing it is no wonder GDPR is the topic of conversation for many of us. The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) coming into effect in May 2018 means a lot of businesses will have to change the way they use and store personal data. From May, you will only be able to market to customers/clients who have double opted into your emails meaning data which you use now, may not be compliant.


You also need to keep all data safe and secure, ensuring a record is kept of how and when an individual gave you permission to market to them. This means businesses who send out marketing emails, newsletters or do general outreach to potential clients in the UK & EU will be affected. If as a business, you capture data from your website with email sign ups, you need to clearly state how the person’s data will be used and who by. Alongside this you are no longer allowed to have a pre-ticked opt in box for users inputting their data, and also have to ensure you have a clear and simple unsubscribe process.


As well as the impact on Marketing it will also have an impact on general handling of personal data within a business. Sharon, our senior HR advisor has been researching this topic and has commented “The new GDPR regulations will have a big effect on all businesses, but the message is not to panic! At we are ahead of the game and are taking steps to understand the effects and prepare for our own business. As soon as we can provide you with guidance and clarification on this subject we will of course bring you up to speed.”


Although this is an EU directive and the UK is currently coming out of The European Union, this is something we still need to act on and should not be distracted from the important task of compliance with GDPR. Not following the new regulations can result in a hefty fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of your annual global turnover!