HR Trends for 2018

08/03/2018 Filed under HR, Manchester, SME, Support, Teambuilding

HR trends 2018


Now we have settled in to the brand-new year of 2018 it is time to start discussing what we may see on our HR radar throughout this year. In 2017 we were told to expect HR to become more digital, see an increased focus on employee and engagement and greater use of real time feedback and analytics. What is research telling us to expect to see in the world of HR this year?…

A Focus on employee experience


Employee Experience is a trend we are expecting to see a lot of in 2018. Taking into account culture, technology and Physical work space are all things which companies are considering improving in order to motivate employees. We are expected to see companies update and revamp, making sure they are putting their employees in the centre of everything. All of the changes made are in order to get the best out of your employees and their productivity.

Digitalising HR


From employee happiness surveys to online training software, we are already seeing HR become more and more digitalised, but this year we will see this even more so. We expect to see features such as peer reviews and employee communication be completed within apps, making it accessible to more smaller businesses.


A growing remote workforce & Flexible working


Due to Millennials now making up the largest share of the workforce, the idea of flexible working schedules and remote workforce is more popular than ever. Many businesses are offering flexible or an at home working scheme to improve productivity and better morale. The progression in technology has made location less important, so trusting in employees and allowing them a flexible working schedule is something we will see more throughout 2018.




This year we are told to expect an increase on the importance of employee wellness, with a great focus on mental health and sleep. Promoting more down time throughout the day is said to increase productivity, alongside pushing flexi time to promote more sleep at night.


These are just some of the trends we are expected to see this year, no doubt there will be a lot more as we progress into 2018. Looking for help within your HR department? Or maybe you don’t have a HR department and need one? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!