Employee Attitude Surveys

20/11/2015 Filed under HR, Training

Have you ever wondered how your employees really feel about working at your company? Truly engaged employees add real value and they understand what your business is all about and are motivated to go that extra mile.


By asking a series of specially selected questions via an Employee Attitude Survey, your employees can tell you how engaged they are and how you can make improvements to recruit and retain talent making yours the winning team.


Our clients have been jumping at the chance to find out how their employees really feel and what they can do to make things even better.


C4X Discovery had us conduct their survey as part of their Year End activities and delivered the results at an off-site Team Day. C4X Discovery wanted to find out how their employees felt about the company’s goals, their teams and colleagues, and their benefits package. It included questions about communication where it was shown that employees recognised the company’s efforts in improving how messages were delivered across the workforce. The results also revealed that 100% of the employees who responded were motivated to carry out their work. Offering the opportunity to answer open questions and submit comments as part of their responses gave the company a more in depth and honest insight into how their employees felt and highlighted any areas for improvement.


Another client, Luton Community Housing, used an Employee Attitude Survey as part of their organisation development. They wanted to make sure that employees felt the organisation was moving in a direction that supported them, the service they deliver and their service users, and that they felt they were well communicated with. Luton Community Housing have a very strong ethos and are fully committed to providing the best service possible to their service users; the Employee Attitude Survey responses showed that their employees are fully invested in the organisation’s values and are motivated to working to fulfil these.


Summ.it ourselves carry out an Employee Attitude Survey every year, comparing the results to the previous year and it helps us to not only make sure our employees are happy but that our clients are receiving the best service they can get.


Our Employee Attitude Surveys aren’t just a list of standard questions. We meet with you to understand your business and its objectives then work with you to then suggest and agree the questions on subjects such as communication, working environment, management, company values and rewards and benefits. We manage all the communication to your workforce, create and distribute the survey, monitor response levels and collate all responses ready for you to review. We even create a full presentation delivered at your workplace with outcomes, recommendations and suggesting strategies for rolling out to your employees.


Employee Attitude Surveys are a great way to understand the thoughts and feelings of your workforce and when carried out annually ensures your organisation is continually improving and your employees are with you all the way. Find out more on the Training page on our website.