BELBIN – Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Teams?

15/03/2016 Filed under HR, Payroll

The relaunch of our BELBIN offering has proven immensely popular amongst our clients. Businesses of varying size, industry and sector have found BELBIN’s versatility and unrivalled depth of information has made their recruitment processes, project team management, and personal development of staff better than ever.


In our previous newsletter we told you about our client RTG and their BELBIN “Experience” but this is only one way in which BELBIN can be put to great use. We have a selection of packages for you to choose from and can even tailor a bespoke package so your exact needs are met.


So, what exactly do we offer? Full details of all our packages are available to download from the Training page of our website but here’s an overview of the different offerings available.



The “Taster” (Up to 8 Delegates)

Exactly as it says, this taster session includes online BELBIN profiling, delivery of a little theory and the big reveal of individual and team styles.


The “Experience” (Up to 8 Delegates)

This is a much more interactive and useful session including online BELBIN profiling, putting the theory into practice, the big reveal for individuals and in depth analysis on what it all means for the team.


The “Works” (up to 8 Delegate)

This is the complete session for businesses who are serious about creating a winning team. The level of learning, interaction, analysis and reflection really cranks up a gear with delegates being kept busy with a real life team problem to solve. Follow up 1:1s with your accredited trainer will generate an unrivalled depth of self-awareness for each member of the team along with a personal development plan pushing them to play to their strengths.


BELBIN Job Profiling

Job Profiling can reveal which BELBIN roles are best suited to actual jobs within your business. Going one step further, we can identify one or a group of candidate’s compatibility to a job to help select the most suited. This certainly provides another dimension to recruitment and succession planning selection.


BELBIN Pairing

You can put two team members together to create a BELBIN pairing report which provides hints and tips for more effective working together. This is really useful for pairs either working closely together, job sharing or assisting with mediation.


Bespoke BELBIN (and Big Teams)

Of course, you may have specific needs or be part of a large team meaning that the above packages are not totally suited to you. Here are we want you BELBIN experience to exactly match your needs and so we are happy to work with you in creating your very own bespoke BELBIN package.


The list of benefits BELBIN can offer your organisation is inexhaustible. Don’t miss out on unlocking your people potential, speak to the Training team today.