A well-established family owned business with a turnover in the region of £3m. have been working with SILTEQ for over 10 years.

The Issue:

Whilst an internal member of SILTEQ staff is available for minor, day to day issues SILTEQ require additional technical support at all levels and management of the systems and on-going IT strategy as a whole

The Solution: provide essential IT services that include: break-fix support, from low-level first line support to third line server and networking support both remotely and onsite; on-going IT strategy advice & guidance; project design, management & implementation; the assessment & selection of solutions & 3rd party providers; liaise with 3rd party line-of-business solution providers to ensure seamless integration with the core IT systems & services common to all SMBs such as SILTEQ.


  • On-going protection against infection and unauthorised access to systems, both internally and externally, through the use of antivirus, antispyware, antispam & firewall solutions.

  • Comprehensive data access restrictions to ensure that sensitive & confidential information such as legal, financial and HR remains that way and may only be accessed by approved employees.

  • Fostered a warm yet professional relationship between staff and SILTEQ staff at all levels due to time spent onsite providing technical support, advice and guidance instead of simply providing an anonymous phone-based service.

  • Enhanced productivity through the use of secure remote access and remote control solutions, such as virtual private network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop Services, allowing employees to work 24/7 wherever they may be in the world.

  • Implemented and supported smartphone solutions including Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone devices.

  • Ensured that all Microsoft services such as file, email, print & security as well as 3rd party line-of-business systems were upgraded on time and on budget with virtually no disruption to the day to day use of the IT systems.

  • Provided the services of a full IT department for less than a third of the cost of employing an internal IT department but with significantly increased knowledge and experience not normally found with in-house IT staff.


“ have provided SILTEQ with an excellent level of service in the support of our IT systems now for over 10 years. One of our major concerns with our previous suppliers was us not having the feeling that our problem was of their utmost importance. The support technicians of feel like part of the team, care for our concerns and have an excellent attitude to providing customer satisfaction on all IT issues. I can confidently recommend as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field who will add value to any business looking for total IT solutions.”

Dennis Crompton -Managing Director