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15/06/2015 Filed under Accounts, Mauritius

Two of our Accountants, Maneesha Gooroochurn and Faatima Kuderbux made the journey from out Mauritius office to Manchester at the beginning of June.  Here is what Maneesha had to say about the trip…


The Epic visit to Manchester:

It was raining and cold when we set our feet on the Queen’s land. The sun was still in our unpacked luggage. We got chauffeured by a handsome dude and while listening to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, we took a glimpse of Manchester until we make it to our apartment. After hours, it was high time to get united.


We made our way to the Old Grapes Pub, where almost everyone was waiting. The ‘main reason of our visit’ (MJS) was having his drink and was in deep conversation. As we entered the warm place, Mark was shocked to see us. The secret was well kept after all. It was a pleasure meeting each and every one present.


Setting off to discover the big city during the weekend, we were simply amazed. There are beautiful houses all similar to each other, well maintained gardens, superb green lawns and what made the day, was the beautiful sun shining bright in the blue sky. It should have, because the luggage was finally unpacked. Shopping malls are nothing compared to Mauritius. They are huge.


We visited Chester with Mark and lovely Judith, honoured to be their VIPs. They were they best guides ever and as we walked together in the beautiful, ancient roman streets, the Cathedral, roaming in the boat in the Chester River, we became rich in knowledge and memories. Had a chance to try the traditional fish and chips too, with the succulent sauces. We then headed to Liverpool, second city of Empire, where we could see lots of beautiful architectural style buildings. The particular that left me agape was the Liverpool’s Three Graces: The Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building at the Pier Head. Our journey ended in Parbold. The countryside was just magnificent, with fat cows and fat sheep. Mauritian ones are just too skinny.


Back to business now!! We started the week in the hustling and bustling surrounding of Summit’s office, being blessed to have lovely people who travelled miles to keep us company. And for all of those who kept us happy with good food, Wagamama beats it all. A visit to Nanoco was a must for us. Enjoyed the morning walk with Mark and Laura P, even though he walks fast, he took the time to give us some anecdotes on different buildings, the enormous University of Manchester and without forgetting the visit to the J Rylands Library. After meeting the people at Nanoco, we were privileged a special Lab Tour by Torsten. It was only after the tour that we realised what Nanoco was really into.  What a pleasure it was to finally meet the charming people at Nikal. By our window, we got a beautiful view of the Cathedral, one you could admire for the whole day. The trip to Rochdale office was a memorable one too, specially this angel who came from somewhere to save us while hunting for food.


A unique day out of all was at the Lake District, with sweet memories to be cherished in this beautiful part of the world. Our journey started at the train station, with the sun at its best we are impatiently waiting to board the steam train, yes, the one which runs with charcoal. A new experience for us, as if we were travelling back in time. It took us about half an hour to finally reach this piece of paradise – Windermere, the name says it all, so elegantly pronounced. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air prevailing, we headed ahead, admiring the beautiful view, the green mountains and valleys, the steamboat, the lake itself, which almost looked like our immense blue sea for a minute. It is one of the deepest and longest river in England and I didn’t get enough of this picturesque view. Our trip ended in Bowness, a small but crowded place, with lots of tourists. So lovely this place, that I can write another page.


Here it ends people, these were the 2 quickest weeks of the year. Wonderful meeting all of you. I can end it saying that all you need is; a really warm sun, some sandy beaches and the blue sea to make out the perfect Kingdom. Until we meet again, thank you!

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