Socially – Wild Goose Chase

03/06/2016 Filed under Accounts, Finance, HR, IT, Payroll, Training

As usual, the end of this quarter brought the team afternoon with it. This time, however, had the added importance of also being our year end. This called for an extra special team day!


At, we’re putting a lot of work into our brand and how we can improve all aspects of our business for our clients. With this in mind, everyone at was given the task of coming to the meeting armed with an elevator pitch, a 10 second summary of that leaves people wanting to hear more. The input was as varied as our team with some a little longer than others, some well-rehearsed and others winging it, and some getting right into the swing of it with elevator noises, the lot.


After the presentation had been delivered and everyone gotten over their stage-fright, we got into the real challenge of the day. For this quarter, our team building event was Wild Goose Chase Manchester.


Breaking into 3 teams based on our Belbin profiles, we headed out into Manchester armed with just a smartphone and a list of tasks and challenges to unlock and complete. The team who made it back to the arranged meeting place (a pub, of course) with the most point before the time ran out were named the winners. We opted for a spy theme and our challenges had us uncovering clues, cracking codes and going on covert operations all backed up with photo and video evidence.


The teams had to involve members of the public in one task which, after building up the courage to ask a passer-by then trying to reassure them we weren’t selling anything (they all say that!), we got some great videos.


With some last minute question answering and point scoring it was right up until the very end before a winner was announced. Andrew’s team just topped Jayne’s to the number 1 spot. After some debate and a couple of drinks, the score was settled and  the whole team headed off for an Indian to round off the day.