Mark Sullivan’s 10th Anniversary with

01/10/2014 Filed under Accounts, Finance

This month sees partner Mark Sullivan celebrate his 10th Anniversary with the business

As you can see from the picture, Mark’s 10 years with have taken their toll!!


The picture of ‘The Younger Mark’ was not taken on his joining – but 26 years earlier when he was 23 and a Poster Boy for the ACCA.


Below is an excerpt from an ACCA magazine article on Mark from 1975

Mark is a trainee Certified Accountant in the office of a practicing accountant in Manchester.  Aged only 23 he has just sat the final part of his Professional examination. ” To be honest, if someone had told me that I would end up as an Accountant I would have been amazed.  When I was at school, maths was a subject I thought I could not do ‘for love nor money’ and, of course, there is a tendency to equate accountancy with mathematical skills….” . ” I really enjoy my work very much.  I am involved in a different job every three to four weeks and although each follows a similar pattern, I am meeting both a different set of people and different books.  As for the future, I may use my qualification to move into financial work of a more general nature  possibly investment management or even financial journalism.  At the moment, however my main hope is that I shall be qualified while I am still 23″