Lynton Lasers’ Vatican Visit

24/07/2015 Filed under Accounts, Finance

The Vatican Museum has requested the use of tattoo removal equipment for the delicate removal of dirt particles covering some of its most priceless works.


Many of the artworks at the Vatican City Museum needed restoration after centuries of pollution and dirt build-up, and thanks to the same laser technology used to remove unwanted tattoos, they will now be as good as new.


The Cheshire company and client, Lynton Lasers, were reached through one of their Italian associates to carry out the removal of dirt from the sculptures and have now donated one of its machines to the holy city’s museum.


The tattoo removal machine uses minuscule pulses of near-infrared laser radiation to remove unwanted particles, breaking up dirt, or tattoo ink on skin.


Andy Charlton, Chairman of Lynton Lasers, whose machines have already been used by numerous art galleries and museums, said the lasers allowed an extremely gentle method of cleaning and removing dirt from very fragile surfaces. “Even from a badly weathered marble surface desperately in need of consolidation,” he added.