The Mighty Deerstalker for Charity

On 12th March this year, 12 of our bravest (or daftest) team members will be making the trip up to Innerleithen, Scotland with their tents, sleeping bags…and running shoes.   This year, have decided to take their team building activities to the next level and have entered the Mighty Deerstalker. A 15km obstacle course, […]


The Belbin Experience – Richard Threlfall Group

We recently delivered our Belbin Experience sessions to our clients, Orseal and Silteq, part of the Richard Threlfall Group.  RTG were looking to recruit at a very high level within the businesses and were eager to find a way to ensure they selected the right people for the positions. Aside from qualification, experience and ability […]


Auto-Enrolment & Payroll – We Can Help!

As the Auto-Enrolment deadline for most SMEs draws ever closer, making sure your organisation can offer a fully compliant and well managed payroll service has never been so important. Ensuring your company has the tools to provide a service that gives employees complete peace of mind that their rights are being fully considered within government […]


Social Engineering: The Human Hack

Contrary to popular belief and many media stories, IT systems are not easy things to hack. People, on the other hand, are a different matter. The easiest way to gain unauthorised access to an IT system is to trick the people who use the system into providing personal information to allow the hacker to gain […]