Employee Training & Engagement – Make 2017 the year of your people.

Start 2017 with our 30% off Employee Attitude Surveys in January.  Training and Employee Engagement is an ideal way to get your employees engaged in their work and gives them a fresh outlook on the impact they can have in their role.   With the Christmas period being a busy time for a lot of organisations […]


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The term “Gender Pay Gap Reporting” has been a topic of discussion throughout 2016 and, although it currently only applies to organisations with 250 or more employees, it wouldn’t be right to discount it as something that doesn’t matter, yet. Several of our clients are approaching larger numbers of employees and, even for those who […]


Secured Mail secure data with Microsoft Hyper-V Replica

Should the worst happen, whether it’s server failure, fire, flood, or theft, it’s paramount that businesses can recover almost immediately with minimal downtime and data loss.   By using Microsoft’s Hyper-V Replica, should the worst happen to a primary server, an identical replica of the server can be up and running within in minutes, allowing […]


summ.it Christmas Party 2016

We’re quickly heading towards the end of another year and, at summ.it, that means another excuse for a party. You know we love any excuse to get dressed up and spend time together, but Christmas is the ultimate excuse! Having been booked since February(!) by the time the 2nd December came around, we were well […]


Parties, Present Shopping & Policies – How You Can Prepare for the Festive Season

As the John Lewis advert has rightly confirmed, Christmas is approaching and along with it comes company parties, bank holidays, religious festivals, and requests for time off work.   We’ve outlined the 10 most common issues employers face around this time of year and how you can prepare yourself for a fun, productive, and fair festive […]


National Living Wage 2017 – get one step ahead of the rest

At the beginning of October we released the new National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates which you can read about here   Alongside the new rates, it was revealed that the Government have scrapped future autumn reviews and will now review all National Minimum Wage rates in April, alongside the National Living Wage, […]