iPhones vulnerable to fake text message exploitation – Apple ignoring the threat

Due to a design problem with the iOS software that runs Apple’s iPhones, it is possible for an attacker to send fake text messages that appear to be from another phone number. The technique know as “spoofing” or “smishing” (SMS phishing) means that an attacker can send text messages that appear to be from your […]


HR updates for today’s SME – FREE seminar

There have been lots of changes this April, because of this we are running a FREE HR seminar, this event will provide an update on the latest HR impacts around shared parental leave, calculation for holiday pay and flexible working rights.   Business Growth Service, in conjunction with Jayne Sanderson Brown of Summ.it will take […]


Statutory Payments April 2015

Statutory Payments such as statutory sick pay and family friendly payments have been reviewed and uplifted as detailed in the table below from April 2015.     Statutory Payments (subject to eligibility criteria) – From 6th April 2015 Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) 6 weeks at 90% of average earnings followed by 33 weeks paid at […]


NEW Shared Parental Leave Rights – April 2015

A new employment right to “share” parental leave is available to parents with babies due on or after 5 April 2015. Whilst it’s designed to allow couples greater freedom to decide how to take their family-friendly leave, if triggered by an employee will be an administrative and operational headache for many businesses. Shared parental leave […]


Neil Smith – 10 Year Anniversary!

March saw IT manager Neil Smith complete 10 years of service with summ.it.   summ.it partner Andrew Jackson says “Neil has been with summ.it since its infancy and seen many changes and growth within the business over this period. It is commendable to both Neil and the business that he has achieved this milestone. Retention […]