Employee Training & Engagement – Make 2017 the year of your people.

Start 2017 with our 30% off Employee Attitude Surveys in January.  Training and Employee Engagement is an ideal way to get your employees engaged in their work and gives them a fresh outlook on the impact they can have in their role.   With the Christmas period being a busy time for a lot of organisations […]


High Performing Managers for High Performing Teams – 10 Step Programme for First Line Managers

summ.it’s 10 Step Programme for First Line Managers was first launched four years ago. Since then, our unique, in-house designed and most popular management training programme has helped more than 100 delegates, from Supervisors to Department Heads, in managing their team more effectively, knowledgeably and with ever increasing confidence.   The Programme has been designed […]


summ.it Take On Junkyard Golf as Quarterly Teambuilding Challenge

30th September saw the end of another quarter at summ.it and, true to form, we downed tools for the afternoon to spend some time together for some summ.it style teambuilding.   No summ.it team afternoon is complete without a healthy dose of competition and this time it was boys v girls! Junkyard Golf in Manchester […]


summ.it Summer Event

As you’ve probably become very aware, at summ.it we love our social time and are always arranging our next get together. This time, we extended the invite to clients and business partners and put on a Summer Event.     We went for a relaxed Friday afternoon at Restaurant, Bar & Grill in Manchester and […]


Socially summ.it – Wild Goose Chase

As usual, the end of this quarter brought the summ.it team afternoon with it. This time, however, had the added importance of also being our year end. This called for an extra special team day!   At summ.it, we’re putting a lot of work into our brand and how we can improve all aspects of […]


10 Step Graduation

Our latest 10 Steppers graduated last week after a fantastic 10 weeks of getting to grips with being a manager. The guys have spent the last 3 months studying the various facets to being a successful line manager and have been given a wealth of knowledge on: Effective team working, and how to lead and […]