Employment Tribunal Fees Ruled As Unlawful

  What does this mean?   The government introduced Employment Tribunal fees in 2013 under the idea that the fees will reduce the number of malicious and weak cases and also reduce costs for tax payers. The introduction of the fees meant some people could not afford to take their case to a tribunal, therefore […]


Top 10 Tips for working from home

  Working from home is a luxury a few of us get to enjoy and when done right, can be a very productive way to work. It is nice knowing you are trusted to manage your own time and do what needs to be done without being in an office environment. Not everyone enjoys working […]


Mental Health in the Workplace

  Mental health is a huge topic of conversation in modern day society, and rightly so with one in three people experiencing mental health issues whilst being in employment. Having a stigma around mental health means many people find it hard explaining to their co-workers and boss when they may be struggling with symptoms, and […]


Driving in work time

A lot of us, especially here at summ.it, spend our time driving to and from client premises which means having a car policy within our contract is extremely important.     Driving during working hours, just like driving for personal use, poses risks which we need to identify and minimise. As stated by the Health […]


April Update – What You Need To Know

The Spring 2017 Budget was announced earlier this month and there are some things which, as employers and business owners, you should know.   Firstly, the National Minimum and National Living Wages will increase as of 1st April 2017. Year 25 and over 21 to 24 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice October 2016 (current […]


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The term “Gender Pay Gap Reporting” has been a topic of discussion throughout 2016 and, although it currently only applies to organisations with 250 or more employees, it wouldn’t be right to discount it as something that doesn’t matter, yet. Several of our clients are approaching larger numbers of employees and, even for those who […]